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Connecting Patients Experiencing Poverty to Resources: A panel discussion with community partners

Moderated by Dr. Sherri Ruggiero - Licensed Psychologist and NAPS president

Panel participants include:

Allison Lenocker, Coalition for Compassion and Justice

Kelly Wells, Sharon’s Manor

Larry Kushner, Arizona Community Foundation

Amanda Redlinger, Angel’s Care

Kristin Anderson, NAU Counseling Services

Janet Dean, Public Affairs Mgr APS

Theresa Kulpinski, Recovery & Resiliency of Health & Human Services

Tiffany Kerr, Disparities Program of Health & Human Services


Download PDF • 58KB

E3 Application Bilingual
Download PDF • 182KB

APS Customer Programs Full Page Bilingual
Download PDF • 741KB

DMP Specialty Programs
Download PDF • 419KB

BH Brochure 2-sided_Flagstaff
Download PDF • 1.39MB

CCHHS - Brochure
Download PDF • 318KB

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