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New Practitioner in Flagstaff

March 1, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Mike Bouck and I’m a clinical social worker (LCSW) recently relocated to Flagstaff from the Salt Lake City, Utah area. I currently work full time at NAU in the office of Employee Assistance and Wellness, but I am opening a part time private practice in Flagstaff. I will be working remotely for the time being with the hope I’ll be able to offer in person sessions by summer 2021.

Professional Background

I have degrees in Social Work (MSW) and Psychology (BS) from the University of Utah. I’ve been practicing as a clinical social worker for 20 years providing generalist care including individual, couples, group and family therapy. I spent most of my early career working with youth and their families in residential and partial hospitalization settings. I enjoy working with youth and believe in the therapy process with families. As a result, my therapeutic foundations are grounded in CBT and DBT. The 2nd half of my career (including in my current role at NAU) I’ve spent working mostly with adults. I continue to be heavily grounded in CBT, but in the past 10 years much of my clinical training and focus have been in mindfulness-based therapies. I’m in the teacher training pathway for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and have advanced training in MORE (a mindfulness-based recovery program) and Learning to Breathe, a mindfulness-based program for youth.

Ideal Client Referral

While I am a generalist and will see all age clients, my ideal client(s) are young people. Namely adolescents and their families. I get to see a lot of adults in my full-time practice and I miss seeing the younger people. I’m also skilled at providing parent coaching for younger children though I am not trained in play therapy. I have a lot of experience working with blended families and family systems in general. While telehealth isn’t ideal in working with families, I hope to be able to meet with families in person in coming months.

In summary, I hope this letter has helped provide you with another resource in working with youth in Flagstaff. Should you have any other questions or would like to ‘meet’ virtually to vet me as a resource, I’m happy to connect with you and others in town. You, or your clients, can contact me at (801)309-8837 or by email at michaelsboucklcsw@gmail.com


Mike Bouck, LCSW

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