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November 2019: Understanding Integrated Healthcare

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Understanding Integrated Healthcare

by evaluating Stress and Its Relationship to Chronic Illness

On November 15th, Dr. Bennett Edgerly and his colleague-Randi Braak from North Country Integrated Healthcare spoke about the many resources available to patients in the integrated healthcare setting. Dr. Edgerly is a psychologist with a strong passion for making quality mental health care affordable and accessible. His colleague-Randi Braak is a clinical pharmacist with the unique ability to work with the integrated healthcare team to support pharmaceutical interventions for patients. Together, they contribute to a diverse interdisciplinary team that makes sure all aspects of the individual’s health are being addressed (e.g., diabetes, dental, depression).

It is important for our private practice and integrated health care psychologists to work together to meet the needs of our community. Dr. Edgerly provided an opportunity for this referral pathway to be strengthened. Thank you!

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