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Teaching Positions at NAU

NAU-Flag needs Licensed Psychologist or LPC/LCSW/LMFT (etc.) to teach Marriage and Family Therapy (EPS 621) this fall, ideally from NAPS, AzCA, or other professional organizations.

Students are mostly from NAU's Masters in CMHC and PhD program (usually around 20-25 students)


* Wednesdays starting August 24th, 12:45-3:15PM

* 15 weeks, ends in early December (day 1 = introductory stuff, intro to course, etc)

* First half of course, Days 2-8, 1st 7 weeks = Gottman Level 1 (video trainings, exercises, online readings, etc) and a Couple Interview (and report, usually done in pairs)

* 2nd half of course, Days 9-15, 2nd 7 weeks = Intro to Family Therapy, including basic theories and methods.

* all materials provided

* basic training to teach course will take place in July and/or August, depending on teacher's availability

Pay is usually around $3,000 - depends on degree, experience, etc

Ideally, looking for someone who has completed at least Gottman level 1, and has ample experience counseling couples and families

Strong preference for Flag-based licensed therapist (LPC, LCSW, Lic Psychologist, etc).

If interested, please contact our Chair, Dr. Sara Abercrombie, at to discuss.

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